Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm not a stoner!

The other night I had a sleep-over at one of my friends house. It was a blast! It was her sisters party but I soon because part of the group. (Thank God for wit and humor) After talking for a while, we turned on the Boobtube and got some movies to watch. First we watched Max Payne. It was a strange movie and I don't think I will watch it again. The ending stunk. Very lame. After that we watched Pineapple Express. This movie was *so* funny! But, it was a bad movie because of strong language, and the stuff they talk about.. wow. After that we watched Four Weddings and a Funeral. I will leave that at lame. Very lame. After we watched that we wanted to watch a chick flick, so we turned on Blood and Chocolate. That was a good movie. I like that one. It might have been that I watched it a 3 in the morning, but it was good. I thought the artist in the movie looked like a guy that's coming to live with us this summer. I'll probably watch it again sometime. After that, most people had gone to sleep and the ones who were up wanted to watch something funny. So we watched Hot Fuzz. That was a strange movie. It was funny, but yet really grossly bloody. Not a cool bloody either. It was odd. That movie ended at 6am. After which I went to bed, I was sleepy. But if we had watched something good after Hot Fuzz I would have watched it. The girl who stayed awake watched a TV show.. Then at around 8 we got up and watched Shooter. I like that movie a lot. It had good action and plot. I will watch this again some time.
But what does a bloodshot eye and the title have to do with this? Well after all the movie and after everyone had left the girls mom wanted to go triftstore shopping. I thought "Cool, sounds good to me." But then I went into the bathroom and took a good look at myself. I looked like I was some sort of stoner! My eyes were bright red! "Ok, it will just go away. I'll put on some makeup and I'll look better." No.. That didn't work.. After the makeup was on I looked even *more* like a druggie! It was not fun. So Visine was the savor of the day. Got to love that stuff. Works like a charm. On a side note about Visine, it's the best before photo shoots. It makes your eyes look really good. The whites will be free of pretty much any red lines. yep that stuff is great. Anyways back to crazy eyes and to many movies. I got home and I had to meet with my debate partner. I was so sleepy, I wanted to die. I got to bed at 11pm and had to get up at 9am today. The point? Don't stay up til 6 watching movies.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Things I hate.

Things I hate. Why should I write about the things I hate? Well, because it gives an outlet for my hate.

1. Waiting for things in the cold. I hate this. Today I had a lot of this. Gack. It’s the worst. I had to sit outside of my math class in the freezing cold until my teacher came and unlocked the door. I had made tea, and I wanted to sip is as I sat there freezing. But it was to hot! I burned my mouth! So I’m sitting there frozen, with a burned up mouth. Not fun. Then after class was over I had to wait to get picked up. So I had to sit, cold again. But this time my tea was cool enough to drink, so that was nice. And I had a good book to read, so that was nice as well. I still hate waiting in the cold though, even with tea and a good book.

2. Dirty mirrors. This is so annoying! We have two large mirrors in our bathroom and because Sister always blow-dries her hair and blows her hair as she’s putting hair spray in it, the mirror gets plastered with dried up hair spray. How gross is that? I should probably clean it if it bugs me so much…

3. Halting music. I use the music site Imeem. Sometimes, and it’s been happening a lot, the music will stop. It’s like the site freezes. And so you’re jamming out, and then after the song it stops. It’s very lame. Then I have to restart the page and click on the song I want. Already while writing this post I have had to do that twice. Gerrr. The thing is I don’t have the mullah to buy the songs I want, so I’m stuck with Imeem.

4. Awkward silence. Goodness this is the worst! You are all talking and laughing and having a great time, and then someone says something and you all stop. And it’s very awkward. And you don’t know what to say to break the awkwardness. It’s even worse when you are the one who started the silence. No fun at all. This tends to happen to Brother One a lot. And them I stuck there not knowing what to do. This is not fun. I will have to find something to say when this happens…

5. Musicless math. Math is the one time I get to have fun and do school at the same time. I can listen to my music, jam out, sing, lip sink, and all that fun stuff and get my math done. But when you do not have music on hand, you are forced to dredge through boring nothingness. This brings be back to the fact I have no money to by songs for my iPod. I need cash…

6. Being Jobless. I figured I have talked about this already, so might as well make it a point. I hate not having money!!! I hate spending money, if I don’t have the same amount or more coming in. This was the most wonderful thing about having a job. I could go out to coffee, buy things I wanted (like art supplies), treat people to movies, and stuff of the like. But now, I have no money coming in! I don’t want to see the money I have evaporate. Aghh, I need a job. You might be wondering, “What happened to your job?” (probably not, but maybe..) You want to know what happened to my job? This is what happened, the economy happened. I worked at a cute tea shop, and made good money. Tips were awesome, and wages weren’t to bad either. But no one wants to buy tea when they have house bills that need to be paid. So the shop went under. And with it all the jobs. And with all the jobs, me. Oh well, I’m just glad I saved my money when it was coming in. The sad thing is, I have to pay for tournaments. (my music just died again…) As I have to pay for these tournaments myself, my money vanishes. I need a job. But there are no open jobs right now, with this darn economy. “I wanna punch the economy in the face!” Got to love e*trade babies.

7. Possessive people. This really irks me. I have a good friend, who does this a lot. I really like him (as a friend), and he’s great. But if anyone is possibly interested in me, he will be really cold to them and try to get me to not talk to them or be around them. It really, really gets on my nerves. At nationals last year he did this. I almost went crazy! I might be very mean, but you know what I did? I went and talked to and hung out with all the people he wanted m e to say away from! Ha! Take that! Errg.

Monday, February 16, 2009


- "Our love fern! You let it die!"

- "No, honey, it's just sleeping."

Heh heh! I flip for chickflicks. So wonderful. The other night we watched How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days. It's so funny!

I want a Love Fern...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air and I'm chowing down on Sweethearts!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

First Concert

Mile Away - Capital Lights

We went to this amazing concert with Phimont, Roderdam Novermber, and Capital Lights. It was so much fun! We all lost our hearing,and had a blast. I even got Phimont and Capital Lights to sign my shoe! :-P It was so much fun and I loved every sec. of it. The photos were taken by Victoria Asbenson.