Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is this strange?

Do you ever feel as if you're not good enough to be someones friend? I sorta feel like that. My Debate partner is so amazing. And I'm so lame. He treats me like I'm so important, and I'm not. It's strange because he is what I want to be. He is Godly, and supper nice to everybody, and doesn't get mad at his little siblings, and is responsible, and on and on. I feel like I shouldn't even talk to him 'cause he's so like *wow*. Is that weird?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Silly Words

Have you ever felt so loved that you just want to hug the whole world? I feel like that.

Silly words strung together to make ones heart laugh.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sad and Happy

This had to be cut from my Speech, and I'm rather sad about it. Right now I am listening to a playlist on Imeem that I really like. So heres the part I had to cut.

Sadness and Happiness. Sadness and happiness have shown activity in almost every part of the brain. In several studies on Sadness conducted by Dr. Peter J. Freed and J. John Mann, over 70 sections of the brain were shown to be active. Although this may seam a bit chaotic it makes sense. The parts of the brain that showed activity were the regions that control conflict, pain, social isolation, memory, reward, attention, body sensations, decision making, and emotional displays, all of which contribute to feeling sad.

Happiness has been a much harder area for researchers to study. One aspect that they have been able to uncover however is how we react to music. Music has the power to lift our souls and make us sing. But why? In Dr. Daniel Levitin’s book “This Is Your Brain on Music,” he notes that music simultaneously enlists many parts of the brain. We listen and react to sounds and rhythms. We interpret and reason. Music pulls on memories for emotion and experience. If the music is working for you it’s probably triggering the reward system. And as Dr. Daniel said him self in the article “Sing, Brain, Sing,” “Your brain is constantly trying to figure out what the next note is going to be. You know after a certain cord sequence what the next possibilities are. Your brain has compiled a map of which ones are most likely and least likely. If the song keeps hitting the most likely notes, you get bored, and if it’s always the least likely ones, you’ll get irritated. A really good song needs to have the right ratio.” That is the reason you, and your best friend like slightly different music. For example, I like soft rock, and country, where as my best friend likes techno and classical music.

Monday, October 20, 2008

A New Life

Sunday, I wrote to my good friend Robert and told him about that day in church.

Today church was amazing. We had this incredible speaker named Donna Partow. She was so on fire, and passionate about God. She talked about Jonathan, and how when the enemy came into his country, Saul and the other leaders sat under a tree and talked about what they needed to do. But, Jonathan went with his armor bearer, and fought the enemy. They had total faith in God and they ended up killing 20 men. Just the two of them. But, on top of that God sent a panic on the enemy, and they became afraid. Saul then came and joined Jonathan along with his army. Then Saul's people came out of the caves where they were hiding, and they went to fight as well. God used two young boys Jonathan and his armor bearer to get rid of the enemy. She told us about how she had taken a bunch of teens to places like Peru and told the people that lived in the garbage about God. In all of history, these people haven't been told about God, because others thought they weren't worth it. She talked about how it only takes a few people to start something big. And talked about how it only took a few of us standing up and *doing* something to make a change. I sat there and thought about me. What had I ever done to glorify God? Had I even done anything? I felt so shallow. And I sat there and cried. My life is so meaningless. It has no point. So, you know what? I'm going to change that. No longer am I going to be relying on my parents faith. I'm going to do something. I, Sara am going to make a change. Risa and I talked to Donna Partow after the message, and I told her I feel so shallow. I told her that all the people I know were Christens, and that I feel like I can't change anything. So, she told us we could email her, and maybe go with her on one of her missions or something! You could look her up at if you want. But, when I was sitting there in church crying, I had a thought. I thought about Prop 8. I don't know if it's just for CA, but it's to make marriage just between a man and a woman. Here in CA gay marriage is legal. So, you know what I'm going to do about Prop 8? I'm going to volunteer with .I want to do everything I can to spread the news about how bad a No vote on Prop 8 would be. That's my first mission. Who knows what will be next. I can't wait to do more and more with this new found spark.

Today : I talked with Robert just a few minuets ago, and you know what he said? He said that *I*, Sara, am an inspiration to *him*. And that’s only in one day! Already God has used me to help someone else out! Isn't that amazing? I can't wait to grow in God even though I know it will be hard, and even thought I know Satin will try to stamp out my fire. I can not wait to lean on the Lord for my strength, and not on my own power. I pray that God will help me stay strong in him throughout day to day life. I pray with his help I can be content with what I can do now. And I pray that God leads me to know what he wants with my life. How I can best serve him. Only a few days ago I was a selfish, unloving, person who had no real love for God, and yet now I feel as if I don't make a change within me I might lay by the wayside and become a pew-hugging, non-moving, lifeless Christen. And let me tell you, I don't what to be that.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Debate Partner!!

The email came.

Final debate partners told.

The email came.

Who could it be?

The email came.

I've waited so long.

The email came.

From the debate coach.

The email came.

My fate in two words.

The email came

Who could it be?

The email came.

Heart raceing, I opened it.

The email had come.

Quickly looking.

The email had come.

Total exitment.

The email was read.

Laughing and glad.

The email was read.

Just a bit scared.

The email had come.

But, oh so happy.

The email came.

Going to be an awesome year.

The email was read.

My debate partner is........... Cordell!!! WaaWhooo! I'm scared because this is his last year and I really have to step up to the plate and do a good job. He really wants to qual, and I don't want to be the reason he doesn't go. I think we are going to be a great team though, and I'm sure we will have a ton of fun. But......I DON"T WANT TO WEAR RED!


Fear. Fear is one of the emotions that cognitive neuroscientists understand quite well. The amygdalae oversee the important task of learning, and remembering what you should be afraid of. For example, when you touch a hot pan you get burned. The amydalae link sight, the pan, with touch, you got burned. And Vuala! Now you know not to touch a hot pan!

But that’s not it! Theres more! The fear system is so incredibly efficient that you don’t even have to register what’s going on for your brain to respond. When a speeding car swerves and cuts you off on the road, you will feel the fear before you understand it. Signals travel in between the amygbalae and your crisis system before you have a chance to comprehend what happened. Another interesting thing is that fear is contagious. Why? Because the amygbalae not only help people recognize fear in the faces of others, but also scan for it.

People or animals with damage to the amygdalae lose these skills. The texture of life is ironed out, the world seems less compelling to them because their excitement anatomy is damaged.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A sister. A friend.

Laughing. Whisper.
Late night talks.

Gypsies and chickens.
A sunsety dance.

Twirling, whirling.
Bubbly, strange.

“Calling You”
“Ping Pong Song”

Floating, flying
Smiling, laughing

White as milk
What’s your name?

Whiskers, toads
Hot tea, ice cream

Smiling, giggling
Irrepressible mischievousness

High-speed fights
Slow lane fun

Sleepy, grumpy
Tiredly random

Computer addict
Silent. Loud.

Cooking. Baking.
Explosion 101!

Dancing, skipping
Bouncing, Boinking


Tacos de Cabeza
Arroz con pulpos

Miming, whispers
Joyful laughter
Exactly the wrong moment

Coal. Joaquin.
Michelle. Marie.

Guns. Scalpels.
Paint. Blood.

Floating, flying
Princess and laughter

Chaos and order
Neat disarray

Margaret Seaton
Emma Thompson

Cellphone antics
Chatting short-distance

Silly. Dear.
Extraordinary. Amazing.

Secret surprises.
Letters and whispers.

Mysterious, innate
SURPRISE. Lost the game.

Dutch cows
Spanish libraries

Dreadlocks. Paella
Guanche. Black rocks

Airports 24/7
Thou shalt not sleep

Sweetness. Gentle.
Creative. Honest.

A sister. A friend.

Don't you just love sisters! Risa the amazing, wrote this poem for me! Sara in the form of a poem. Who woulda thunk?