Sunday, August 8, 2010

I left my heart in Yosemite

Well. After a week of hiking, fishing, dirt, sore muscles, flower hunting, late nights, and wildlife, I'm finally home. It was an amazing experience to trek through the beautiful park. I enjoyed myself completely. I found my favorite flower as well! Wild lupine is the more beautiful flower I have ever seen. It blankets meadows and dots river sides in Yosemite. It was spectacular to hike along the purple stalks spreading out into the distance.

Someday I will have Lupine along the fence in my backyard. Blue, yellow, red, pink and purple. Lupine comes in all the colors of the rainbow. Its beautiful.

My favorite part of the trip however was spending 24 hours a day with Chad. I love it. Hiking, fishing and sleeping next to him the whole trip was amazing. My boyfriend is the best.

One thing that did stink about the trip was that I got cold. Everynight I was shivering. BRR! I have found a solution to this problem however.